TimeTec MW Solution
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TimeTec Mobile Workforce
TimeTec Mobile Workforce, TimeTec MW is an online and mobile tool for company to let their mobile and static employees to collaborate more effectively in achieving the ultimate customers' satisfactions. By keeping your employees in contact with coworkers, vendors, and customers in a secured system, you can boost the productivity effortlessly without any worry. Close sales, solve problems, and respond to urgent requests more effectively by enabling employees to work virtually from anywhere. Improve service and satisfaction by interacting with customers in real time, on location or from a distance. TimeTec MW manages IT and equipment costs, while safeguards corporate data and apps in one central cloud server.

When a solution reduces the noise, all left is clarity to achieve productivity.

5 Practical Modules of TimeTec MW for a Successful Mobile Workforce Management:
Plan in Advance
Forecast and plan Mobile Workforce in advance for better resource management.
Assign It Right
Assign the right Mobile Workforce with the right tasks to improve efficiency and productivity.
Schedule The Time
Daily scheduling of Mobile Workforce is available with a feature of last-minute adjustment.
On Field Execution
Provide real-time connectivity and task update features for Mobile Workforce that works remotely from home.
Post-Task Evaluation
Provide historical data analysis in reports and charts to improve Mobile Workforce planning and management.