Positive and Pleasant Customer Service
Customer service is the heart of any business. TimeTec MW allows you to keep your service level positive and pleasant at all times with a powerful communication medium that will improve overall operation management and provide certain convenience that allows the customer and your employees to communicate flexibly.
Plan in Advance
TimeTec MW allows you to forecast and plan in advance your mobile workforce preconditions and timetable for better and efficient resource management. By knowing which workforce is suitable for the assigned task, TimeTec MW can delegate them right away. This allows precise and systematic operational flows and calculated risks can be accommodated confidently as well.
Insights and Visibilities on Employee Task Execution
TimeTec MW gives you an insight on your employees’ day in day out tasks execution and progress while they are on the go. Manage your mobile employees comfortably from a static placement, by being in the know about their whereabouts, work progress, and etc.
Sharpen Productivity and Efficiency
Sharpen productivity and efficiency by discarding miscommunications, unclear and delayed conveyance so that errors and faults can be reduced to ensure the task is executed in the shortest amount of time with minimum efforts and difficulties.
Activate Automation
The entire process of managing your employees on the go is automated. Activating automation will help you trim down on the pilling manual proceedings and also reserve your employees’ time to focus on the job and service delivery.
Flexible Daily Scheduling
TimeTec MW comfortably facilitates daily scheduling with a feature of last minute adjustment, exclusively for users to accommodate any changes at the eleventh hour.
Business Agility
This solution also ensures up-to-date information deliverance to key decision makers so that they will be kept well informed on the happenings and is able to establish certain call of action for the benefit of the operation or business on an immediate basis.
Cost Savvy
By defeating the long-winded and inaccuracy prone manual processes the company may also enjoy bottom line savings on expensive workmanship fee on the head counts, work hours and other miscellaneous outflows.